Discover infinite creative possibilities with Pro Tools software. Or play Eleven Rack through your favorite amp and get the same jaw-dropping amp emulations delivered through a real speaker cabinet. More than just the ultimate guitar amp emulator—Pro Tools Eleven Rack turns your computer into a complete music and audio production studio. Or change up your tone even more by adding stomp box effects, swapping amps and cabinets, and repositioning mics in your virtual rig. What you get are eight sends to the computer and these are set up so that you can record two tracks simultaneously – a full stereo track of the whole rig plus a mono track of the dry guitar sound to give you the option of re-amping later. If the firmware version is older than version 2.

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Avid Digidesign Eleven Rack

Simply plug Eleven Rack directly into the house PA and crank up the sounds of your virtual rigs, including all amp digidesign eleven rack, effects, and cabinets—no roadie required. You can connect an expression pedal or a dual footswitch, but not both at once. Click “Agree and proceed” to accept digidesign eleven rack and go directly to the site, or click “Find out more” to get more information about eigidesign and learn how to manage their settings or disable cookies on digideskgn computer.

For these the signal can be sent from a choice of points in the chain, so digidesign eleven rack would be quite possible to send the whole signal without cabinet simulation to a power amp and speaker set-up, or just use the effects from the Eleven Rack feeding a combo or stack. For remote switching and control of parameters, Eleven Rack has digidessign possibilities.


The effects and the FX loop can be moved to different locations in the signal chain. Full menu Sign in.

Eleven Rack Drivers

In recent years the company has released its own amp sim software plug-in, Eleven, for Pro Tools. Customize your tone by swapping out speaker cabinets and microphones. Digidesign says diggidesign this analogue input circuit replicates the input impedance of classic stompbox pedals and guitar amps, so that when you plug in and start to play the modelled stompbox or amp, you get the same response as when plugging in to the real thing.

All Products Types of documents: A large display with six associated soft knobs lets you see and adjust everything from the Eleven Rack’s front panel – amp controls are the default parameters for adjustment while the digidesign eleven rack have individual digidesign eleven rack to both make them active and put their parameters into the display for adjustment.

You get a more authentic frequency response and better tonal accuracy—as if you were plugged digidesign eleven rack the real deal. Contents Compatibility USB 3. Digidesign eleven rack Rack Editor is compatible with the following operating systems: Versatile, easy to use and with quality sounds, Eleven Rack provides an extremely practical single-box system for all aspects of guitar recording, as well as being solid enough for onstage use without any qualms.

End of Support dates. Our Verdict The Eleven Rack really is everything you need for guitar recording in one box.


Eleven Rack Editor window disappears in Mission Control view. Can’t delete from Interplay Archive. Then, use digidesign eleven rack scroll wheel to scroll down the list, and select Firmware Version with the SW 1 button.


Sonically, the modelled sounds in Eleven Rack are top notch with plenty of digidesign eleven rack nuances you’d expect from a real amp. Image 1 of 2 The amp sims aren’t exhaustive, but they cover all of the bases you are likely to need.

Image 2 of 2 This one goes to Cookies are important to the digideign digidesign eleven rack of a site. All Types of Documents.

Pro Tools Eleven Rack. Experience the feel and response of playing through a real amp with the unique True-Z impedance-matching input.

Pro Tools | Eleven Rack | Avid

Mac OS X Digidesign eleven rack example, the Avid Online Store will not work without cookies. The actual sounds are stored as separate ‘rigs’ digidesign eleven rack a signal chain featuring amp, cab, eight effects volume, distortion, wah, modulation, FX1, FX2, reverb, delay and an FX loop to which you can physically add your own pedals mono or stereo. The whole rig signal can be sent to a PA or mixing desk, but there are also ‘output to amp’ sockets for use with your own live rig.

Windows 8 users will require a second host dgiidesign to update the Eleven Rack firmware. Or change up your digidesign eleven rack even more by adding stomp box effects, swapping amps and cabinets, and repositioning mics in your virtual rig. Searching criteria Your question typed: