On either platform you can use the Web Administrator to modify these parameters. There can be significant differences and limitations between drivers. The template file for the Statistics screen is index. This section provides a tour of the Web Administrator interface and shows you how to change the configurable parameter settings in the JOB Server. With unixODBC , you can create a data source by either:. Otherwise, go to Connecting from Java to connect a client.

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This will include connections dropped due to no license or insufficient license slots, port scanners or anyone using telnet to access the JOB Server port. The MultiProcess flag cannot be updated, as the server is not multi-threaded and therefore always starts new processes. For example, a data source using the PostgreSQL driver will be in the format:. Otherwise, you only need to copy how to configure jdbc odbc driver file to the former folder address.

Some sensitive settings may not be displayed. On machines where DNS is not set up properly this can cause problems and in any case adds time to the connection. Refer to Connecting from Java to find out how to connect your Java applet or application to the data source.

Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge User Guide – Configuring the Server

This section provides a tour of the Web Administrator interface and shows you how to change the configurable parameter settings in the JOB Server. At the confirmation screen, click another menu option or wait a few seconds hoow return to the Server Configuration screen and how to configure jdbc odbc the changes you have made. Open how to configure jdbc odbc URL http: Consult the documentation for your respective drivers for more information. Naturally, these kinds of projects ultimately boil down to the use of open standards based data-flow as a critical component of all enterprise agility pursuits.


You usually have to be logged in as root to edit the system odbc. Click Add to create a new data source.

Values are case-dependent if the operating-system is, so it is best to how to configure jdbc odbc case where possible:. Note that the registry key contains a string value for each of the Server Configurable Parameters numeric parameters are stored in strings:. Select the driver that you want to use to connect to the database. A driver-specific New Data Source dialog box is displayed. This will create a data source which is available to any user or service that logs into this machine.

Installing JDBC/ODBC Drivers – Configuring JDBC/ODBC Drivers for Oracle Java CAPS

If you know that you do not need this feature i. Other trademarks and registered trademarks configurs on easysoft. The text that is entered into the Description field may be displayed to a user if they choose to connect interactively. If MaxThreadCount is set to 0, there is no limit. The how to configure jdbc odbc symbol displayed against the HTTPAdmin parameter is used to denote that the value of the field is hidden from the user unless they gain access how to configure jdbc odbc the corresponding screen by clicking Change and entering user name and password details.


A bitmask telling the JOB Server what sorts of event to record in the log file.

Interaction Administrator Help – JDBC-ODBC Data Source Configuration

You can modify the server settings by clicking Change and then typing the Web Administrator user name and password when prompted. With unixODBCyou can create a data source by either:. See The Configuration Screen for full details of each of these settings.

It includes the following sections:. Select the System DSN tab:. Once you have established that the data source on your server machine is accessing data correctly, you can establish a connection to the data source across the Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge. Unix administrators will recognize this mechanism from configkre hosts. The number of times the JOB Server will attempt how to configure jdbc odbc create a thread or process to handle a connection, or the number of times the the server will attempt to obtain a license slot for a new connection.

Make your changes and click Submit. Alternatively, use the command-line interface and run server.

You should use the ODBC driver suitable for your data source.