There is no record available at this moment. The L achieved a slightly higher download speed, at 1. The naked connection prong feels like a magnet for dust and other debris. Unfortunately I do not see it in the list of modems under network. You may also want to take a look at the upcoming crop of Verizon LTE MiFi devices, which can connect up to five computers and phones to an ad-hoc Wi-Fi hotspot.

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In the 39 cities that currently have it, Verizon’s novaatel LTE network has the fastest cellular data speeds out there. We’ll have a review of that one as soon as it comes out. They do sell a Novatel L, which they are shipping novatel usb modem 551l tomorrow to test on this unit.

The back cover jiggles when novatel usb modem 551l, and the fold out USB connector feels a bit awkward. After having seen and tested all three of Verizon’s 4G LTE modems, it looks novwtel they all perform relatively equally. The top right corner of the modem is home to a single, multicolored LED status light that pops up different colors depending on whether you novatel usb modem 551l 3G, 4G or no connection.

The list shows as ” Supported v1. Essentials Only Full Hovatel.

The UML came ahead in uploads, though, with an average novatel usb modem 551l 5. While the hinge appears strong, I felt novatel usb modem 551l I was going to break the device every time I plugged it in.


The L achieved a slightly higher download speed, at 1. Overall, the two modems had nearly equal average speeds. If you’re looking to show off the most impressive download speeds possible, the Novatel L is the cellular modem to do it with. VZ Access Manager itself novatel usb modem 551l a relatively light, no-nonsense novaetl manager that is much more responsive and less crash-prone than Sprint’s or T-Mobile’s competing products.

Modeem More Photo Galleries. I did one test in 3G mode, and the results were the same: Not that there’s anything wrong wit What you need to do is connect the Fortinet to the internet, go to the modem area, and click the Update Now option.

The Best PC Games. There is no record available at this moment.

Novatel Wireless has another hotspot coming soon, which we previewed at CES. The Best Laptops of Here is an example of how I had to get the Sierra Wireless U to work before it was officially supported; config system 3g-modem custom edit 1 novatel usb modem 551l vendor ” Sierra Wireless, Incorporated” set model ” AirCard U” set vendor-id 0f3d set product-id 68aa next end Then, depending on the service novatel usb modem 551l, you may have to include some extra-init1 data and a dial.


You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. I transferred files over FTP, downloaded Web pages using curl, and ran the speed tester at speedtest. Forums Posts Latest Posts. But unlike the UML, which feels solid even with its rotating antenna design, the L feels flimsy.

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After speaking with Novatel, they sent me a new modem that worked just fine, so the problem was likely specific to that particular device. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links.

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I wouldn’t buy this modem for use outside the U. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Pulled in the fastest 4G LTE download speeds in our tests. User Control Panel Log out. Fastest Mobile Networks