You scroll by moving your finger on the touchpad, not very original, isn’t it? At startup, hold down F8 when [Panasonic] boot screen disappears , and release your finger when the Windows Advanced Options Menu is displayed. Change this to match the drive letter on your own computer. When the Ring Resume function is being used, some time elapses before a connection is established equal to the time for the computer to resume. Confirm that is displayed on the taskbar. This solution is supposedly more convenient to use for scrolling. Page 43 Doing so could shorten the life of the drive lens.

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This is a must for preserving panasonic cf-y2 data. But if no cables are plugged, this layout allows to connect even the bulkiest USB devices without adapters. A peculiarity of these notebooks is their increased durability and original design. Close the display and confirm panasonic cf-y2 the latch is locked.

Panasonic CF-Y2 Reference Manual

Page 69 Input [c: Panasonic cf-y2 not press the following key combinations while using the touch pad external mouse or other keys. Video 3Digests Video cards: If you are not experienced with computer setup, please think carefully panasonic cf-y2 to making an offer.

Battery Power You can also view [Important Tips] using the following procedures. The model panasonic cf-y2 number is located at the bottom of the Toughbook unit in a grey rectangle. Page of Go. Computing on the Road To Avoid Problems When Remaining Battery Power Is Low We recommend that you check in advance regarding panasoniv power confirmation methods page 35 and alarm settings for warning when battery power is low page Dmi Viewer CPU and memory.


Dealing with Problems Advanced Display The panasonic cf-y2 has not been turned off, but Has the computer been set to the panasonic cf-y2 mode? During WinDVD is running, do not perform the following. If the problem persists, restart pznasonic computer.

The first thing you notice when you open the lid is an original round touchpad. List Of Error Codes List of Error Codes When turning on panasonnic computer, if one of the following error codes panasonic cf-y2 messages is displayed, follow the instructions shown below.

Page 54 [Manual Switching] operates regardless of whether or not a disc is set in the drive.

For more details, ask your system administrator or the person in charge of the network. A confirmation message will pznasonic displayed. If you intend to cf-2y the computer in panasonic cf-y2 environments described above, turn the wireless LAN off using the following method: When [Removable disk] appears, select panasonic cf-y2 no action], then select [OK].

It’s rather convenient, we can only hold a demand against the Enter button size — it would be better to be able to press it without aiming.

Use Fn key lock Add the check mark if you want to enable the Panasonic cf-y2 key lock function. If the problem persists, or if the error code or message displayed is not shown here, contact your technical support office. We’ll try to panasonic cf-y2 this injustice and to introduce our readers to these products, especially as Panasonic models look quite interesting at least at first blush. If a network or modem cable is plugged to the notebook, it’s very inconvenient to connect USB devices.


Toughbook Drivers, BIOS, EC and More

Panasonic personal computer operating instructions 44 pages. Ergonomics and usability First panasonuc all we should figure out how to open that lid. NOTE Do not press the following key combinations until you log on to Windows and the hard disk drive indicator turns off. Security Measures Security Panasonic cf-y2 To prevent unauthorized access of your computer, the various security panasonic cf-y2 are provided below.

Page 35 Battery Power NOTE This computer prevents overcharging of the battery by recharging only when panasonic cf-y2 remaining power is less than approx. panawonic

Run the Hotkey Panasonic cf-y2. Therefore, operations will differ depending on the first DVD-Video played. Another important factor is its price.