Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock. It’s not a vast functional improvement over the iPod’s simple hierarchical menus, but it’s fresh and easily understood. Make your Samsung Z5 stand out in a crowd with the DLO Jam Jacket, the coolest way to add style and personality to your treasured audio player. Design books could be written on the problems that manufacturers face when coming up with a viable alternative to the iPod. Despite the extra thickness, you can still slot the YP-Z5 into the ‘iPod pocket’ formerly the ‘cigarette-lighter pocket’ on your jeans.

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Samsung YP-Z5 (2GB) review: Samsung YP-Z5 (2GB) – CNET

As we all ssamsung, the iPod has set the standard when it comes to MP3 player controls with samsung yp z5 click wheel. Just as actors fear to speak the word ‘Macbeth’ outside of Shakespeare’s play itself, worrying that it will bring bad fortune on their production, so MP3 player manufacturers should fear to speak the words ‘iPod killer’.

Up on the ear-buds could be better, but the fact they’re not white makes a refreshing change. Everyone we handed the YP-Z5 to had a problem getting to grips with the control system.

These are two important design principles, and we’re samsung yp z5 left scratching our heads when we find samsung yp z5 overlooked. It’s not a vast functional improvement over the iPod’s simple hierarchical menus, but it’s fresh and easily understood.

Best MP3 Players for There’s also a JPEG photo viewer that can zoom in and out of photos — you can select one of these as the wallpaper for your player. This is an outstanding feature that seems to be overlooked by many players on the market so to learn that Samsung has opted for it on the Z5 was a pleasant surprise.


Samsung YP-Z5 MP3 player

It’s very temperamental and this tends to get a little frustrating at times. You won’t want for volume samdung this player. Be respectful, keep it clean and samsung yp z5 on topic. You can access or add to your list at any time by logging into your account. The most samsung yp z5 feature of the Z5 is arguably the touchpad control system.

Samsung Yepp YP-Z5 Black ( 1 GB ) Digital Media Player

Close Recently added item s. Eco-friendly laundry vending machines start to appear across London Tube network. Battery Life samsung yp z5 Verdict Overall the Z5 certainly surpassed our expectations. If you’re feeling sentimental, you can play music while watching a slideshow of your pictures. Listening on headphones, the YP-Z5 delivered a volume that went well saksung what our ears could bear.

Whether this is enough to compensate for the absence of something as easy as the Click Wheel is up for debate — certainly this is the closest anyone’s come to threatening the iPod to date. Follow Us On Instagram Follow. Of course those who do want to use Samsung yp z5 Media Player are welcome to and it means that the player is supported by online samsuny such as Napster, Samsung yp z5 and Virgin Digital and the like, as well as being able to double up and help you transfer yyp images for viewing later, all with ease.

However, instead of a Click Wheel samsung yp z5, the YP-Z5 uses a directional control pad that relies on varying degrees of touch to samsjng through menu items. Black Friday UK The YP-Z5 distinguishes itself from the nano with a more modular look — the two halves of the player are joined by ypp metal collar that wraps around the circumference of the unit.


Jam Samsung yp z5 for Samsung Z5 – Form-fitting scratch and slip protection Grippy rubber texture feels great and holds tight to slippery surfaces Complete pass-through access to play, pause, skip, and repeat controls Handy top cutout for headphone jack 90 day warranty.

We exclusively interviewed Mercer at CES earlier in the year.

Well, because it’s a direct competitor. The company is billing this player as an iPod nano killer, and it has taken things a step samsung yp z5 than before. Add to your wish list! Yet another contender to the iPod nano, the Samsung YP-Z5 is Samsung’s attempt at knocking the nano of its perch and stealing the limelight.

Design books samsung yp z5 be written on the problems that manufacturers face when coming up with a viable alternative to the iPod.

Often you’ll find yourself skipping past the track you wanted to select, then scrolling back. Eamsung when we say direct, we mean it! Up these, along with a control pad that is just confusing to use, without getting frustrated and for samsung yp z5 the YP-Z5 isn’t one we would happily recommend.

If you’re tired of MP3 samsung yp z5 that force you to use proprietary software, the YP-Z5 is one of the best options out there. Used Gear Sell Your Gear.