For a computer idiot this question should be answered in youe advice, dont you think, because its the first thing that someone wants to do after their internet provider has fobbed them off with a non-wireless set-up!!!! Only a power switch would be an improvement imho ;. Scientific Atlanta DPC not functioning well when connected two pc, one to ethernet port and other connected t usb port. I thought cable was supposed to be faster? Trnko Darijan December 2, , 4: Deseo configurar el puerto USB para conectarme por ahi a internet mediante el modem dpx cable modem marca webstar pero no encuentro los Drivers me pueden apoyar enviandomelos.. What you need is a router, so you can connect multiple devices to the same Internet connection.

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I really would appreciate it if someone could help me figure out why my connection is so slow.

Scientific Atlanta Dpc2100r2 Cable Modem

Adonis October 12,3: Sometimes after scientific atlanta dpc2100r2 the connection is there, scientific atlanta dpc2100r2 not. I am trying to setup a wireless router network. Hi, I am trying to setup a wireless router network. I have recently installed this type of cable modem. I agree but between the router and the modem …try to set it up yourself.


Iam having a Scientific Atlanta cable modem supplied by Virgin Media. He cambiado la direccion ip y scientific atlanta dpc2100r2 figuran las 2 conectadas, pero 1 no se conecta en realidad. I can PING that address Only a power switch would be an improvement imho.

The second will be your modem. Ross August 19,8: Es posible conectar 1 pc por puerto USB y la otra por cable ethernet, o placa de red?

WebSTAR DPCR2 Default Password & Login, Manuals and Reset Instructions | RouterReset

Do you have to have one computer hard wired to the router or can they all be wireless? How do I fix this? It tells me I have limited or no connectivity.

Westerling November 19,4: Andre Lavictoire May 2,1: Scientific atlanta dpc2100r2 of this info I recieved from user Jimmy.

Webstar Scientific Atlanta Dpc2100r2 Cable Modem HW Rev 2.1 – Unit Only 4012460

I currently have scientific atlanta dpc2100r2 modem and I can tell you all mostly what you need to know. If anyone knows of a driver for this or how to contact Scientific Atlantic, Cisco or whoever is making this, please let me know.


Light patterns, images, manuals and more helpful info for the Scientific Atlanta DPC cable modem —.

What can scienhific be the problem? I also have the DPC cable modem and scientific atlanta dpc2100r2 recently swiched computers to Vista x64 bits. Thanks for your time, Bardhyl. Please, any information would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there, I have a Atlanata DPC connecting scientific atlanta dpc2100r2 cable broadband internet service via ethernet cable to my computer. I have a modem from Cox, and my computer is getting internet off the USB cable but not from the Ethernet adapter. Fabricio June 29,3: Does somebody have a solution? Miguel Alban June 7,2: Jeremy Washington December 15,2: Santos Rivera April 27,2: I can get 2 networked PCs online but i cannot get my scientific atlanta dpc2100r2 or other devices linked wirelessly.