The updated driver seems to have fixed the issue with the card randomly slowing down and disconnecting. I’ve had a similar problem with a video card in the past and had to download an updated bios for the motherboard, flash the bios, and that fixed it. I fixed this by removing the Trendnet configuration tool from the Startup folder and replacing it with a batch file that waits about 15 seconds before it runs the tool. Mine has the power management under the advanced tab. Had the same problem s with the constant disconnecting, and what I call “micros-freezes” where the mouse freezes in place for seconds every couple of minutes, and also had a microsoft wireless utility running in the system tray alongside the trendnet utility, and the two of them were always fighting it out for control over the card. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

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None tew 423pi xp these things made any difference. Hey guys, I am having a problem making this card work with my windows xp computer.

Try these simple tests. All I had to do was enter the security code using the connection software. I read elsewhere that apparently if you run tew 423pi xp radio or an IM program that keeps a connection open like Bromwich’s continuos ping thing x doesn’t crash, but i haven’t tried it myself.

For really long range outdoor applications, this 24dB parabolic WiFi Antenna may be a good choice. Well, I installed the card 2 days ago and it’s been working flawlessly. The WinXP drivers at the Trendnet site for this version https: If I would have to buy tew 423pi xp wireless adapter 4233pi I would do the same choice without even hesitate.


54Mbps 802.11g Wireless PCI Adapter

What do you guys think the problem is? Sounds like a power management issue. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

User reviews on www. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

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The only way it starts working again is by restarting. Thanks for the suggestion, however that is the first thing I checked for. I’ve had a similar tew 423pi xp with a video card cp the past and had to download an updated bios for the motherboard, flash the bios, and that fixed it.

Tew 423pi xp tried loading the newest driver off thier website but still locks up. If I start the computer and quickly use the tew 423pi xp, and load a movie via netflix and keep it playing I could tdw the internet with no problems, as long as it is staying busy. I use a Dell dimension desktop, P4 3.

There are several revisions of this card. Trouble with Windows 10 updates This product and this company I highly recommend. The problem I have now is that once I connect it stays connected for a few tew 423pi xp and then it dies, I mean the computer says there is connection and tw there are packs being sent tew 423pi xp received, but I cannot access the internet at all.


TRENDnet | Support | TEWPI | 54Mbps Wireless G PCI Adapter

I’ve also tried everything you have mentioned, the utility, xp’s zero config, and a different pci slot All times are GMT The other thing I was going tew 423pi xp try was to see if there is an updated driver offered for the mother board peripheral chipsets, xxp I attempt to update the bios. Originally Posted by flynorth.

The Netgear and Belkin cards were terrible weak signal, dropped connections and I ended up returning them. Ping statistics for It seems to be a hardware problem, because when the adapter fails, the configuration utility can’t communicate with the adapter at all anymore. Another way to increase etw signal strength tew 423pi xp by the use of hi-gain antennas.

Copyright -Tech Support Forum. The card fails after minutes and the software can’t talk to the card to reset, repair or disable it. It complies with the IEEE