Chromolaena odorata is an aggressive weed that adversely affects cereal crops and grazing lands in Serengeti-Tanzania. This study investigated allelopathic. Allelopathic Effects of Chromolaena odorata (L.) King & Robinson on Seed Germination and Seedlings Growth of Paddy and Barnyard Grass. Fulltext – Effect of Chromolaena odorata on the Growth and Biomass Allelopathy is defined as the direct or indirect harmful or beneficial effect of one plant on.

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Extract solution ml was added to treated pots, while distilled water was used as control.

Effects of aqueous extract of Chromolaena odorata on the shoot height of Celosia argentea. Seeds of Celosia argentea effrct watered with mL of tap water every morning. Critical Review in Plant Science 18, Twenty five seeds of each of the three crop plants were placed in respective Petri dishes because of larger crop seed size while 50 seeds of each weed were placed in respective Petri dishes.

Crop seed germination was generally less affected by siam weed extract than was weed seed germination Table 1. Seeds of three crops — corn maize var. Allelopathy was used by Chung et al. Allelopathic potential of senna Cassia angustifolia Vahl. The objective of this study was therefore to determine the effect of siam weed extract on the germination and seedling performance of some crop and weed species.

At two weeks, the pots were allocated to the control and aqueous extract regimes and they were laid in a completely randomized design.

How to cite this article: Allelochemical Interactions, Indeerjit, K. Weed seed germination was inhibited by siam weed extract more than crop seed germination. Pigweed on wheat Triticum estivum.

The different parameters like lethal dose of hygromycine, cefotaxime level, and acetosyringone level were optimized for both rice genotypes. Alabi had indicated that the stem girth and number of branches in thorny mimosa Mimosa invisa Mart could not be assessed until 6 weeks after establishment due to small plant size. After ten days of applying the chromolwena we evaluated the activity of nitrate reductase, concentrations of protein and total soluble amino acids, proline, ammonia, macronutrients, and dry weight of the shoots and roots.


Research Journal of Environmental Sciences, 5: Review article Breeding improvements in safflower Carthamus tinctorius L.

July | Australian Journal of Crop Science

Results showed that the shoot height, leaf area, fresh and dry weight were enhanced by the application of aqueous extract prepared from the fresh shoot of Chromolaena odorata. For this purpose, allelopaathic two-year field experiment with different sowing dates was conducted to determine minimum, optimum and maximum temperature for seedling emergence cardinal temperatures required for seedling emergence.

Sunflowers Helanthus annus are allelopathic to weeds. Growth, nutritional status and nitrogen metabolism in Vigna unguiculata L.

The allelopathic effect of three Amaranthus spp. Soil chemical, physical and biological characteristic to a great extent are responsible for detoxification or further enhancement of the allelopathic activities of the plant diffusate Chromolaean, The polynomial, Page and sigmoid models exhibited a good fit to the experimental points obtained while freeze-drying. Empirical modeling of the impact of Mollisol soils variation on performance of Cuphea: Five kg of the product was soaked in 20 litres of distilled water for a period of four days 96 hours.

John Willey and Sons, New York, pp: This was consistent with the observation of Einhellig et al. Secondary plant metabolites and their degradation products which have been known to be involved in this phenomenon are all important in all agro ecosystems Chung et al.

Various biological, chemical and physical components may be responsible. The results obtained revealed a significant effect of this pre-treatment on the drying time and the quality of freeze-dried apple cubes determined by both instrumental and sensory tests.

Allelopathy and Sustainable Agriculture. This indicates that alkaline water pre-treatment together with the shortening of the drying time allows to obtain a ovorata quality dried product.

Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

American chemical society, Washinton, DC. The root was then washed free of soil and then measured at a distance between the base of plant and root tip. Cowpea dry weight assessment at 10 WAP also shows that the crop growth was stimulated by siam weed extract. Allelopathic effects of Chromolaena odorata L. Effect of seed rate and manual weeding on weed infestation and subsequent crop performance of sesame Sesamum indicum L. Tax E and two weeds — Siam weed and tridax Tridax procumbens L. Effects of aqueous extract of Chromolaena odorata on the root length of Celosia argentea.


Soil chemical properties, including nutrient contents, soil pH, water, and electrical conductivity, when used as covariates or predictors in calibration and validation partial least squares regression models, provided new insights into the variation structure and prediction of crop performance. Therefore, Chromolaena odorata might not be playing an inhibitory role on the growth and development of Celosia argentea. Effects of aqueous extract of Chromolaena odorata on the shoot height of Celosia argentea Table 2: Effect of fresh shoot aqueous extract FSE of Chromolaena odorata on the dry weight of root and shoot of Celosia argentea.

Allelopathic effects of water extracts of Artemisia princeps var. Ecological approach in allelopathy. Ahn and Chung and Chuo used allelopathy as an ecological control tool against several weeds in rice. Effect of fresh shoot aqueous extract FSE of Chromolaena odorata on the fresh weight of root and shoot of Celosia argentea The shoot height and root length of seedlings treated with aqueous extract and those of the control were not statistically different Table 13.

Results showed that the effect of year and cultivars’ emergence time were not significant, but the effect of sowing date was significant. The optimum dose of top-dressed nitrogen in the common bean and castor intercropping system is 30 and 70 kg ha -1split at 25 and 35 DAE of the mentioned crops. Maize height and number of leaves in cowpea were stimulated from 5 WAP by siam weed extract.

Plant physiological ecology field methods and instrumentation Chapman and Hall, New York, pp: