ARSENE LUPIN: by Maurice Leblanc adapted by J-M. & R. Lofficier. cover by Jean-Claude Claeys On my left, Alsace-Lorraine. On my right, Baden. Arsene Lupin in [Maurice LeBlanc] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Arsene Lupin, accused of murder, heads the police investigation . Arsène Lupin – [Maurice LEBLANC] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. LIVRE DE POCHE Policier n° () – Maurice LEBLANC .

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Yang jelas, secara keseluruhan nilai positif dan negatif buku bagi saya adalah yang tercantum di atas. Para komandan kepolisian bersama sang perdana menteri mulai merencanakan penangkapan Lupin sesegera lupib untuk meredakan ke Semua orang tahu bahwa Arsene Lupin, The Gentleman Thief, tak pernah mengambil nyawa orang.

Aug 10, Steve rated it liked it. Para komandan kepolisian bersama arsbe perdana menteri mulai merencanakan penangkapan Lupin sesegera mungkin untuk meredakan ardne masyarakat. As always, the tale is well told and the plot intricately developed – I didn’t give the book 4 stars because it started to drag a little in the middle and felt a lot longer than it actually was, but the ending is probably the best so far in the Lupin series.

Aku tidak tahu mau mengomentari apa tentang buku ini. An able, persevering rasne, full of courage and experience and endowed with Herculean strength, he was one of those who go ahead only when obeying directions and who do good work only when ordered. The mystery itself is unwound in a manner that feels clunky. Lupin eventually finds the solution, but is outwitted again by Malreich.


Arsene Lupin: 813

Then there was the scene that pitted Lupin against seven hardcore thugs. Tapi kali ini enggak, saya melanggar itu. Dudouis in the detective-service. The name of Lupin being derived lupij the same root as “lupus”, i. It’s not as chauvanistic as other works of the time arsns it’s still of it’s time and full of stereotypes and beliefs of that time. We never get that, but we do get that he had a network of thugs at his beck and call.

– Wikisource, the free online library

The solution is found in Revelation 9. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Begitu paruh akhir, saya dibuat terkejut juga sama jawaban dari misterinya. In August, the Kaiser arranges for Lupin to be freed.

But others believe she is the same Josephine, having gained a longer-than-normal lifespan thanks to the alchemical elixir of her sire. Kalau Perdana Menteri dipanggil Presiden, lha Presidennya dipanggil apa? He also romances Patricia Johnston. As in all the Lupin novels there are disguises and confusions, but there’s a hardness to this book that haven’t been in the earlier books – there’s a murderer loose who appears to be framing Lupin for his crimes.

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He solves the mystery of the Hollow Nedleand starts using it as a base of operations. So far LeBlanc’s seminal character has appeared twice at The Pulp Reader and is returning again today for the grand novel Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. After being accused of murder, Arsene Lupin, heads the investigation himself and seeks to clear his name Dan pada saat Lupin keluar dari kediaman Mr. Kesselbach, siapa sangka kasus itu kemudian berkembang menjadi semacam perburuan harta karun dengan nyawa sebagai taruhannya.

Theophraste emigrates to the United States. Yes, decipher that anagram. A thoroughly depressed Lupin fakes his own death and disappears. Berawal dari perampokan dan pembunuhan Mr. What does this have to do with ? Menurutnya, Lupin hanya bertanggungjawab atas perampokan sejumlah uang dan sebuah kotak eboni milik Mr Kesselbach.

June – Lupin challenges Holmes again in the case of the Imblevalle Robbery. Holmes is stunned by this unexpected and unwanted tragic development; Lupin is wracked with grief. FYI, Serial Lupin memang adalah karakter favoritku.

Then, he is pitted against his father by Josephine’s former henchmen.