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Taking the soil samples for microbiological counting and teaching the theoretical and applied skills for preparation of samples 1. Physical and chemical properties of water, anions and cations in water, ESP and SAR biti, electrical conductivity, the classification of irrigation water, determination of irrigation water for irrigation. Mark Jones, Vadim Mett et al. Plant Biotechnology Journal, 10 7: Name of the instructor who taught the course last semester.

Determination of buffering capacity, determination of pKa coefficient, determination of pKb coefficients. Learning classification criteria of irrigation water and able to determine usable irrigation water.

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Wiley-Interscience publication Selected current published articles of course subjects. Textbook of Analytical Chemistry. Gaining laboratory working experience Preparing solutions with required concentrations Learning the properties of solutions and information about reaction outputs bezleme be produced as results of these reactions.

Teaching the preparation methods of solid and liquid nutrient mediums 1.

Why College Green

Great Britain at the University Press, Cambridge. Students able to carry out chemical analysis. J Tissue Eng Regen Med.


Students will gain skills for working in laboratory 2. Classification of irrigation water and teaching systems used in classification. Teaching the preparation methods of solid beeleme liquid nutrient mediums 2.

Students able to do enzyme analysis for determination of biological activity. Biochemistry Moscow Students able to prepare laboratory solutions 3.

bitki besleme pdf reader

Teaching CO 2endo-and ecto-enzyme analysis for determination of biological activity 2. Molecular Biology and Genetics. The aim of this course; The main source of vegetable farming and physically with the formation of the earth, the environment and to promote chemical and biological properties.

Students will learn the properties of solutions, preparing and using them.

Description of hydrolysis, the hydrolysis of diluted salt solutions and calculations of pHs hydrolysis of salts whose acids are weak acid and bases are strong And calculation of pHs. Subjects, solutions and elemental combinations, elements, molecular weight, Avogadro number, law of fixed proportions, The law of conservation of mass, finding simple formulas, assigning molecular formula.

At the end of the this course; 1.

Hydrolysis of salts whose bases are weak and acids are strong and calculations of pHs, calculations of pHs of salts whose acids and bases are strong. To teach microbiological analyses methods of soil and improve skills and knowledge about biological activity via these methods.

Improving awareness of students about mycorrhiza subject and usage of mycorrhiza in agriculture. Able to take des samples for microbiological purposes Able to count microorganisms Able nohlar having inoculation skills at solid and liquid nutrient mediums Able to do enzyme analysis for determination of biological activity. Properties of buffer solutions, calculation of pHs of buffer solutions.


EGE UNIVERSITY Lifelong Learning Programme

MamedovEric R. Management of mycorrhizas in agriculture, horticulture and forestry. Yusibov and Bealeme G. Learn about Activities of soil organisms and their significance in terms of soil productivity. Help students gain laboratory experiment, teach how to prepare solutions and use them. Enzymes of PEP-metabolism of C3 plants in extreme conditions.

Ionization of energy, Electron affinity, energy of bond, Ionic bonds, covalent bonds, Electro-covalent bonds, coordinate-covalent bonds, hydrogen bonds, metalical bonds.

Classification of soil microorganisms jotlar living conditions, Isolation of bacteria and mycorrhizae, Preparation of growth media, Reproduction of isolated microorganisms, Sterilization, to obtain pure cultures, dilution and staining methods, growth media and inoculation to plant techniques.

Introduction to microbiological count methods and determination of biological activity in soil. Teaching isolation of mycorrhiza and methods of mycorrhiza production 1.

Will learn about the symbiotic lives of soil microorganisms 2. FEBS Letters Kensaku Suzuki, Tarlan G. Nitrogen cycle, mineralization, ammonification, nitrification, de-nitrification, immobilization and fixation.

Learn about microbiological analyses in soil 3.