Day of the Oprichnik has ratings and reviews. Hadrian said: Day of the Oprichnik is heavy and blunt, like the oak clubs of the secret police. Haunting, terrifying and hilarious, The Day of the Oprichnik is a dazzling novel and a fierce critique of life in the New Russia. Moscow (There is, I should say, an extended and rather well-done scene of vigorous ass- fucking in Day of the Oprichnik, as well. It an orgy in the truest.

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George the Dragonslayer, Saint Nikola, and the Optina Elders while his servants dress him in medieval garb and hand him a dagger in a scabbard.

Extortion, drugs, and luxury are the way of life. Was man an diesem Tag alles miterlebt ist grausam und absurd. Oct 15, Ksenia Anske rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’ve been living in it for only seven months, yet it feels as though I was born and grew up there. I mean– okay, so satire is supposed to be revealing in some way, right? It is unfortunate, then, that in order to reach the clever bits, one must dig through a lot of muck.

Oprichnik offers striking themes and clever commentary, but buries them under mediocre prose, vulgarity, and disturbing shock value. First I look over the prose of our country’s contemporary writers: Published July 27, Updated May 3, Thank you for your patience. July 21, December 15, J. I think we’re all fucked enough without having to worry about our mobilovs, our mercedovs, and the dead dog head we have to place on the hood of our cars each morning.

When the Talented Authors says directly, in your face, that he is, literally, a shit eater, that he adores shit and takes his readership for shit eaters as well, his faithful fans cry rivers of tears and adore him even more, defend him even loudly and become the very same thing he just called them.


And who are some infamous enemies of the state? Like their Viking compatriots over a thousand years prior, they go around Moscow, raping and pillaging, but then sort of make up for it by attending extravagant parties and taking a boatload of drugs.

The oprichniki were essentially a cultish “death squad” that was set up by Tsar Ivan the Terrible back in the mid s to protect his ass and slay his enemies, and in Sorokin’s latest novel, they do exactly that–and in graphic detail–all in service of His Majesty, the new ruler fhe Russia.

Sorokin’s Day of the Oprichnik is a novel that you’ll either love or hate.

Getting that reputation out of the way allows for his work to be appreciated for other reasons though, which will benefit his reputation in this country at least in the future. See 1 question about Day of the Oprichnik…. The mysterious boy is kidnapped by the Brotherhood, subjected to the awakening initiation, and christened Gorn. It’s a gleefully vicious satire Sorokin serves up, both of nationalism and Orwellian controlled pseudo-democracy in general, but also of the Putinist conservative to-thyself-be-enough vision.

Day of the Oprichnik – Vladimir Sorokin

Non-subscribers can read and sort comments but will not be able to engage with them in any way. Nor do they stem from ignorance of the past: Komiaga’s Russia is infinitely different from the Russia we know, and, perhaps, is not very different. Quite predictably, I immediately read That Story. He trained as an engineer at the Moscow Institute of Oil and Gas, but turned to art and writing, becoming a major presence in the Moscow underground of the s.


Yes, there were atrocities but his in comparison to peers he was not all that “terrible. There has been a counter-revolution, the absolute monarchy has been restored, and the Russians are once again living under totalitarian rule. Walsingham during Elisabeth I basically introduced a police state in England. Normally, I understand why words are italicized, but in this book, I have no idea why certain words were randomly italicized.

Day of the Oprichnik follows a government henchman, an Oprichnik, through a day of grotesque event. Satira koja prevazilazi formu.

I probably could have found this book amusing half a year ago, but I’ve seen too much since and today I find it mainly frightening. Oprichnk own their country and they say each time: I wait with trepidation. To understand this book, one needs a little background. Sorokin is quite skilled at dark humor, and sometimes I think this is hard for people to pick up on who go into a text thinking it’s going to be something oprichnjk out by Jimmy Fallon.

His broom is fastened to the trunk, and on the hood, the freshly severed head of a shaggy wolfhound. The same could be applied to Sorokin. Sorokin’s “Ice Trilogy,” here translated piquantly by Jamey Gambrell, who also handled “Oprichnik,” oprichniik originally published in three parts from to Swiftian satire at its finest, I suspect Sorokin was settling some literary scores as well.

Day of the Oprichnik – Vladimir Sorokin | Full Stop

The very same nobles, often from the very same aristocratic families. I think it was underrated when it came out.

It’sand Mother Russia is finally great again.