Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Eulis! the history of love: its wondrous magic, chemistry, rules, laws, modes, moods and rationale: being the third revelation of soul and sex. EULIS! THE HISTORY OF LOVIv. ITS WONDROUS MAGIC, CHEMISTRY, RULES, .. when loving lips meet lips that love, there is a magnetic discharge of.

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G marked it as to-read Jan 03, Well, the autopsy went on; the facts were disclosed: She was just emerging from a dormitory, evidently, judging by appearances, both a dishonest and dishonored wife and woman. There was a young man of the fun-making genus,—a fellow whose nature was inflamed nearly a year before his birth, and who kept it up to boiling-point by food and drink, and the secret books he first read, and then so artfully concealed, that the servant-girls were sure to find them,—read, get detected,—of course, by the owner.

We prefer to abide in marriage as we have eklis it. Child, table, chairs, lounge—all were gone and unheeded, and on the face of that marvellous glass I beheld a scene which at the time, and for six weeks afterwards, I religiously believed was at that very instant being enacted far away, in, to the man in Toledo, dreadful reality.

Where it does not mutually exist there can be, and is, no guaranty of fidelity.

Brown, of the city of New York, more recently connected with Bennett’s “Herald,” was, in Montreal, I believe, asked concerning the origin of the Great Society, or rather Fraternity, the Rosicrucian branch,—but differing essentially from the branch of that august brotherhood represented by adepts in Europe, Asia, and myself and confreres in this country,—yet identical in spirit, so far as the general welfare of universal man is concernedhe responded as follows, save that he disguised certain names, which disguises I now throw off!

They have taken man and woman, shown us their anatomy; explained something of physical gender; said something about function and periods, and there left us, because they knew nothing further themselves.

It is to collect, store up, and discharge the magnetic fluid of the body in liquid form. But they did not know that those glands are the seat of all vaginal and uterine life; nor that trouble seals them up; Love only keeps them open.

Return to Book Page. Very nearly all that I have given as Rosicrucianism originated in my soul; and scarce a single thought, only suggestions, have I borrowed from euis who, in ages past, called themselves by that name—one which served me well as a vehicle wherein to take my mental treasures to a market, which gladly opened its doors to that name, but tne, and did, slam to its portals histort the face of the tawny student of Esoterics.


I may, and probably shall, ere long, be numbered with the armies of the dead; and who then will give Randolph’s thoughts to the world? Which of them all has explained what every one ought to, but does not know to be a fact, i.

I would have bistory girl taught the long-forgotten truth that her soul is worth, at least, quite as much as her body; something they little dream of, so ardent is their worship at the shrine of Saint Frivole. We all know that the better side of man is the she or mother side; and that from it spring all the major elements of both his greatness and his goodness; and we admire an intellectual giant, while we adore thee loving man; because from his love, not his intellect, arises all of goodness, inspiration, aspiration, generosity of soul which characterizes him.

Eulis, the History of Love

We are too pure to sully our souls, no matter how great the temptation may be. I trust, before this task of mine is finished, to demonstrate it to be in very truth what it claims,—a new revelation of sex, and to make one successful effort to remove the subject far above the muck, slime and filth hitherto attendant upon it; for if there is a divine thing on earth, it ought to be Love—its laws, rules, phases and moods,—knowledge of which fo a redeeming power.

It looks, feels, is an oddity; knows no infantile days or pleasures, and is thus, by its own father, robbed and cheated out of its best and most halcyon days. And I am so changing it! That settles the point. True, nature requires a rich soil to produce eluis grades of fruit, whether human or other sorts; but in the former she requires the richest of fertilizers, and its name is love.

Eulis! the History of Love/Part 1: Affectional Alchemy – Wikisource, the free online library

Nor are they all dead yet. The answer is simple, the method easy. In the loce kingdoms outside of the human, the instinct is blindly obeyed, and self-seeking there, as everywhere else, and not propagation at all, is the all-powerful impelling motive, if motive there be. Early in life I discovered that the yhe of my ancestry on one side, being what they were, was an effectual estoppal on my preferment and advancement, usefulness and influence.


No true man can help loving all true women; not in the grosser sense, but in the higher one of soul. Let us wander upon these trackless shores of a silent sea, and bring from its drift-wood and wrecks all that maybe gathered. Yet, nevertheless, such is the fact; for the noblest regalia, the highest honor won and worn by Britain’s proudest men, is to be acknowledged to be worthy of wearing the royal insignia of the Garter; while the Fleur-de-lis of France, meaning something precisely similar, has been the boast of her noblest for centuries.

A portion of these purer, better, and hyperphysical auras displaced and occupied the room of the grosser aura, earth-born and turbid. If it is multi volume set, then it is only single volume. I shuddered with mortal anguish; for I loved my friend, and that woman bore his name. Now another new thing for the doctors. We found this book important for the readers who want to know more about our old treasure so we brought it back to the shelves.

Turn the page and behold a Christ, St. He is everywhere most welcomely greeted, caressed and influential, who is most magnetic, or female,—not in the effeminate sense, but in the glowing, radiant heartfulness of his nature,—is one who has not the most intellect, but most gentleness, love, affection, combined with it.

I began to study the meaning of a kiss.

The Rosicrucian system is, and never was histort else than a door to the ineffable Grand Temple of Eulis. May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. A collection of writings by Dr. In the second case, resulting from spermatic plethora, a relief follows, but leaves a weakness after it, requiring phosphoric food to recuperate from.

Open Preview See a Problem? All sentient and non-sentient being is more or less pervaded, according to capacity, with what I may call the male and female aura or effluence of the great Supreme, the unknown and unknowable Deity; and all these incarnations of the original Life, save only the human, sulis distinctively and radically either wholly male or female.