FM 55-450-2 PDF

Army Helicopter Internal Load Operations (FM ) [Department of the Army ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Field Manual provide extensive information about FM ( ). FM PREFACE. This manual will assist personnel who perform helicopter internal load missions. It will familiarize them with.

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Com- posite loads will almost always require additional tie-down devices in the lateral direction. This device consists of a webbed nylon strap about 20 feet long with a freed snap hook on one end and an adjustable hook on the other Figure There are three models of the UH Do not use pallets if the aluminum skin is separating.

Measure the ditance from the RDL to the front and rear points of support same as axles.

It uses 55-405-2 cargo hook adapter taken from the civilian Ranger helicopter. The cargo nets are installed on stacks of general cargo as follows: Palletize cargo from the heaviest to the lightest. Again assuming that the shoring is 2 inches thick, the area of weight distribution of the footprint is enlarged propor- tionally by the shoring thickness, whicn will add a 2-inch “border. Also, avoid prolonged or repeated contact of the rm fluid with areas of the skin. Nothing can be added to or removed from a vehicle that has been weighed and marked unless it is reweighed.


Some key points to remember are — a. How many tie-down devices are required to properly secure the container? The adjustable hook end or the device is attached to a tie-down ring.

Weigh tongue and axle. Otherwise, three tie- down devices will be needed to provide lateral restraint; four tie-down devices are desirable. File all burrs and sharp edges.

Army Helicopter Internal Load Operations (FM 55-450-2)

As a load item is moved from the number one shoring the number one shoring is repositioned in front of number two, thus becoming number three. To determine weight, drive the vehicle onto a platform scale truck scale, coal yard scale, and so forth’ large enough to accommodate the entire vehicle.

There are three models of the UH In calculating the contact area for rectangular-shaped loads, multiply the width of the item by the length. Place the top net over the cargo making sure that it is centered. With reasonable care and protection, they dm last almost indefinitely.

They differ mainly in their lifting capability. Ensure that you have Vi to 1 l A wraps of double webbing on the spool. The winch has feet of cable and can winch up to 12, pounds of cargo with the aid of snatch blocks. When a tow vehicle vehicle without winch is used, power is 55-450-2 by moving backing the vehicle itself.


In the vehicular tread area, the maximum allowable floor loading is 1, psf. Remove grease or oil by spot cleaning. The quick-fit strap dm are fitted on the free ends or the foot tie-down straps to provide a means of securing free ends of the strap to the load binders. Dunnage must accompany the pallets during shipment.

To release, pull up on the quick- release lever.

FM Army Helicopter Internal Load Operations – Chptr 1 Internal Cargo-Carrying Helicopters

A tie-down device should generally be as short as possible and follow as closely as possible the contour of the cargo it is securing to minimize slippage. The strength of restraint is reduced in ratio to the angle formed by the tie-down device with the floor and the axis of the helicopter. They must have a thorough knowledge of their equipment the crew of the aircraft is responsible for the loading of the aircraft. CH Seat and Litter Installation.