Henri Tracol. Becoming Whole: Education and Ecstasy. Seven Principles of Contemplative EducationIn what way do we cultivate the intelligence of the mind, the. It would be fitting to say of Henri Tracol, a pupil of G. I. Gurdjieff, that all through his life he called many sides of himself into action toward the harmonious . Results 1 – 12 Gurdjieff, G.I.; Henri Tracol; Adin Steinsaltz; Roger LipseyJanwillem van de Gurdjieff; Henri Tracol; Michel de Salzmann; James Moore, et al.

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Orageand Jeanne de Salzmann. I am here now. Instead, he is living his life now, entering into the experience of how all of us really live through the harmonious balance of our centres or faculties. I have copies of a few of these publications in my study. Am I able to perceive the presence of such a power of attention as far as my body is concerned? He supports these points with references to Sir J. The book is quite a handful, hence I call it a Gurdjieff handbook. Instead, he is a thinker and a feeler.

More to the point, the essay is reprinted verbatim as the Introduction to the principal book to be examined here: Name six contemporary writers who are especially meaningful to you. During his productive career, the scholar and writer, now in his seventies, has devoted books to a variety of subjects of relevance, including the nature of democracy in America, the object of philosophy, the role of the physician in society, the characteristics of money, the features of goodness, new religions, ancient and modern technologies, etc.

It seems so neat! He was also an active proponent of the Republican cause during the Spanish Civil Warpublishing reports about the war in periodical editions with which he was associated.

Who influenced you the most — students or faculty? In other words, the world makes no sense, but a world of sense can be made, we can create sense, we can create meaning, we can live splendid, awesome lives, we can slice through the shoddy and maybe earn a tie-game. I am interested in the relationship of the critical mind to attention and to faith.


To do otherwise takes effort. Remember Yourself Always and Everywhere. A note on the copyright page answers that question. For me, standard Judaism, despite its historical importance, and like all the other residually surviving modern religions, lacks any pertinence in modern life, but paradoxically, too, Judaism, like all the major religions, is a cornucopia as well as a can of worms … and if I dearly love and have learned a lot from the Bible — both Old and New Testaments — I think the Talmud contains a huge amount of horseshit and I think the modern Hasids contrary to the original Baal Shem Tov Hasids are frequently detestable people with no sense of live and let live.

To do otherwise takes effort. Not a word was spoken, not a sound all through this. Tracol needs only a translator — not an interpreter.

Henri Tracol

Let us see if they could. How have they influenced your own life and writing? If you live in the United States, there are occasions to remember Mr. And it is very ambiguous: Whatever I am confronted with will bring about the evidence of how weak, how fleeting, how insignificant is my interest.

La vraie question demeure. That was decades ago so I assume that he is no longer involved with running the highly successful chain of outlets.

Instead, he is living his life now, entering into the experience of how all of us really live through the harmonious balance of our centres or faculties. Let us see if they could. It includes a surprise. I saw her a couple of times a week for about ten years and she directed the quiet work meditation class I participated in, trcaol came out to our countryside work place every Sunday and would often visit our group meetings and movements classes where her mere presence changed everything, electrified the atmosphere.

My father was born in Hungarian Transylvania now in Romania and my mother in the Ukraine. It is no surprise that the two leading contributors with eight pieces apiece are Gurdjieff and Ouspensky with familiar passages from their familiar books, though if the books have yet to be read the passages are unfamiliar to the novice rather than to the veteran reader.


This already brings me back to the realization that my attention is very limited. By rearranging their letters, I am able to change their meanings and associations.

Attention creates the power of relation. In effect, data is dumbing us down. As an inveterate quoter, I find myself lost in his fields of words.

What is gained on the swings is lost on the slides. But when Brother Ahl speaks, listeners are embarrassed for him and at a loss to figure out what he is trying to say, but later they find that they participated in his process of exposition, were deeply moved, and are able to recall much of what he said that they did not know they knew.

La vraie question demeure The real question remains. If Tracol has found an ideal man, it is the person of A. Canada alone has a total of seventy outlets at the present time. I also have a taste for the writings of Henri Tracol.

Here is my make-shift bibliography for books in English and French with a few other items thrown in. I judge him to be a hrnri person of slight build.

Henri Tracol Archives – The Slender Thread

Try as I might I could not find much of a relationship between the chapter headings and the contents of the chapters, but try as I might I could not come hehri with a better plan of organization.

Sy Ginsburg as he is usually greeted was born hehri Chicago in and studied accountancy and law at Northwestern University. Tracol is Brother Ahl — not that he is the model for this travelling monk. Like his aging friend, Tracol is searching for nothing.