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Yet it does not utterly discredit him for me. I mean, I’m sent things all the time and I think they’re not real.

From his description, I believe he went to the same treatment center as I did. He has not given any interviews since Oprah in January. I think autobiography is the last place you would look for truth. Intense, unpredictable, and instantly engaging, this is a story of drug and alcohol abuse and rehabilitation as it has never been told before.

He also wanted to establish himself as a novelist so that he could stand among his literary heroes. He is a mess and he needs help. miljon

A Million Little Pieces by James Frey

Talese stated that Oprah needed to apologize for her behavior on the show. The distinction may seem pedantic, but I believe it to be an important one. Published init is a memoir of the author’s time as a year-old alcoholic drug addict and former criminal in a rehabilitation centre in the American midwest. The fact that the author uses this same style to indicate his internal thoughts, often interspersed between direct dialogue from himself and others, gives the book a unique and sometimes confusing writing style, purportedly reflecting the kawawk of his experience in the treatment center.


He is still writing. The good thing about the book majch his portrayal of life for a substance abuser. Live honorably and with dignity. You steer clear of this and the drama of talk-show blather.

I should have found out, in the interests of my exploration I keep going back to the root canal scene. maycch

At no point in this book do I congratulate Frey for overcoming his addictions. Sure, I can appreciate the style when he’s talking about how messed up in the head he is, but the inexplicable punctuation he seems to capitalize words randomly and the total avoidance of quotation marks doesn’t make it artsy or authentic. Then, earlier this month, a tentative legal settlement was reached that required Frey and his American publisher, Doubleday, to provide refunds to readers who felt they were defrauded in buying a book classified as memoir.

No, I didn’t demand a So bad, it’s eminently quotable. Addition to Alcohol and Drugs. I attempted to rate it based on the way I felt upon completing it, and without the perspective I now have which is likely affected Original Review – edited slightly mostly for grammar in Oh, then we of course stand by our authors. I wanna write books that are read in 50 or years. I loved Angela’s Ashesbut if I found out tomorrow that Frank McCourt was born in Dublin instead of Limerick and that his family was wealthy, it wouldn’t change my feelings about the book at all.

And maybe that’s why my Million Pieces are still together. No, it’s not as intense as the root canal scene.

The man who rewrote his life

Aug 25, Stephanie rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Whether he really lived it or exaggerated most of it, it’s a good book. To me, it seems to be much ado about nothing. It irritated me to no end, in fact I could barely finish this book. I found it to be vapid, self-aggrandizing bullshit from start to finish. I will read it anyway, I thought. And that is what this whole thing is about My thoughts are that Frey probably did I really wish I’d gotten my shit together to review this before all of the news about how much of it might be fiction started swirling around.


View all 11 comments. Overall, I like This book is very well written, but has a unique format because it is choppy.

A Million Little Pieces

I can’t even get on a plane with an oversized bag. I’ve had friends in NA and AA, and many more who maybe should have been; I’m a good audience for this kind of thing. I open them and I look around and I’m in the back of a plane and there’s no one near me.

You are searching for clues, for a scar, for the criss-cross of 41 stitches that sewed up a hole in his cheek big enough to poke a finger through.

A Million Little Pieces – Wikipedia

I read “A Million Little Pieces” before the entire scandal broke out surrounding kawxkw truthfulness of the “memoir”. What matters is that Frey has not only gone through some major major shit and mayvh to tell about it, he is capable of telling about it in a way that is generally compelling and often fascinating.

I just don’t care because I don’t know what’s true and what isn’t. A Million Little Pieces was selected for Oprah Winfrey’s book club – making Frey the first living author to be chosen in more than three kwwakw.

It is a still a recommended read on my shelf. I borrowed the book from a friend. I feel as though Frey’s book would have been a lot more powerful had he excluded the sensationalism that seemed to flood the book, much of this represented in his wriitng style one word sentences for dramatic effect.

Jul 25, Laura rated it did not like it Recommends it for: